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  OOC Information;

Name; Vitt
Personal Journal; libretto
Contact; AIM: pax vittannica, plurk: /camorrista, email: limeyinurtreefort@hotmail.com
Other Characters; N/A

IC Information;

Character Name; Hong Kong

Axis Powers Hetalia

Canon Point; Modern day/May 2012

Age; 17/18 physically, really in his hundreds at least.

House; Loki

Power; Telepathy

Personality; Upon first meeting Hong Kong, many might question whether he actually possesses one of these. He is described by Himaruya as being the sort of person that you can never tell what they're thinking. Normal displays of emotion seem to avoid this guy.

Don’t be lead into thinking he’s shy or timid though, first impressions aren’t all that they seem and Hong Kong actually possesses a remarkable amount of arrogance. Being such a forefronting world power in the likes of finance and business and having become so in such a remarkably short time, perhaps this is understandable. Couple this confidence with cynicism and a love of making snarky comments and you could have a right troll on your hands. He's also far from the quiet, contented type that he might appear and he doesn't hesitate to antagonise and troll intimidating characters such as Russia, clearly illustrating a lack of fear to some extent.

Unless you know him quite well, Hong Kong prefers to only open his mouth to say something cutting, rain on your parade and undermine you just a little. This is ideally illustrated in Hetalia Fantasia when China explains the importance of earning money in America’s online game to avoid troublesome situations, only to receive a comment from Hong Kong, pointing out that it would have been entirely less troublesome to not play at all. Then followed by a response to Russia’s “life is troublesome” comment, with a request to use that little piece of wisdom in a joke. Annoying, perhaps, but having been shuffled back and forth between China and the UK and even a couple of years under Japan’s control, it isn’t really surprising that maybe Hong Kong has become quietly a little bit cynical of the other nations and their affairs.

In essence, Hong Kong is like a rebellious teenager, renewed with confidence at having been catapulted at such a young age into a position of importance and keen to undermine authority and his seniors and their old fashioned fuddy-duddy ways whenever he gets a chance. When under England’s control, it's stated that he would delight in setting off firecrackers during festivals, scaring poor Iggy and earning himself a lot of scolding. Aside from landing him with rather thicker eyebrows compared to the other Asians, England played a massive part in shaping Hong Kong, does Hong Kong respect him in any way? Of course not! He's no more respectful on the outside towards China either, one such example being his habit of drawing "explicit art", which he "kind of" apologises for and promises his teacher that he will never make any again, "maybe".

Amongst all these annoyances of his though, Hong Kong does have his good points. Headcanon wise, I believe that being a capitalist beacon under the control of a vast Communist nation, he remains stoic in his being different and trying to maintain his own unique identity. Deep, deep down he is also, deep down, a kind person, during the Vietnam War for example, his house was a refuge for thousands of refugees. He cares a lot for his family and will often have a soft spot for certain individuals, although he has a damn weird way of showing it of course. 

His biggest passion in life is probably, unfortunately, money, largely reflected in his culture and people. Another obsession is image, he is fundamentally a pretty shallow person and probably judges and individual by their looks far too often. He also has a tendency to show little hesitance when it comes to lying, cheating and stealing to get his way if it comes down to it, as befitting of a place that is really the biggest home to triads. He possesses a large devious streak and a great amount of intelligence and ability to learn, you wouldn't really expect anything else from an ex-colony that went from barren island to thriving metropolis in only a century and a half.