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 Wai, you've reached Hong Kong SAR. I'm not here right now so leave a message or whatever and I'll get back to you when I feel like it, 'kay? Laters.
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Yeah, I know, I know. [ You can hear the pout in her voice. BUT HONG KONG isn't falling in love with a prince in a foreign land romantic... ]

Mako isn't a jerk, though. He's just shy and stuff. [ HEAVY SIGH ] Aiyo, your district is pretty far. I feel like turning back right now!
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I am! [ walks faster! ] I can't let you pee your bed at the age of fourteen, you know. What will your friends think?
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... No reason. [ She's scared too okay!? ] ... Don't stop talking to me until I get there! [ She's at the Welcome Hall now. Let's pretend she knows his room ok..... ]
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Not so good. I like your cooking more. But sometimes you make things spicy. I don't like that, you know.

[ tiptoeing up the stairs! and walking along the hallway on his floor... he might hear a loud THUD when she trips ]
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Yes! [ she's strong and brave!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ ] I'm almost there.

[ She doesn't talk after that. Just gonna tiptoe all the way to his door... ]

Psst. Pssssst. Hong Kong. Hong Kong. [ peeeeering into the room. she wants to make sure it's not a ghost! ]
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[ She smiles brightly and immediately enters the room. It's Hong Kong! ;u; ] Hehe -- hey! Did you miss me?

[ closing the door behind her and leaning on it ]

I hope you weren't lonely.
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Well, I'm here. [ She sits right next to him. ] And Korea, and Japan, and Teacher. ... And England! So it isn't that bad.

You think you can sleep now?
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She should go before I see her, I guess. That'd be really embarrassing, you know! [ She reaches to switch the lamp off before taking her slippers off and getting under the sheets. ] I'm gonna turn off the light so I can't do that.

[ But she knows he's afraid of the dark. :( So she snuggles right next to him. ]

... You're not wearing a shirt again. [ why

why did she only notice now. ]
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Then what are you wearing down there? [ LOOKS UNDER THE SHEETS even if she's scared that he might be naked SHE IS STRONG ]
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[ excuse her she's just gonna burst out laughing in the middle of the night and wake up all the neighbors ]

They look like Teacher's!
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Korea told me! [ SO TERRIBLE ] You have the same tastes as Teacher, ahaha, that's so cute! [ cute... ]
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[ She's not replying. That's because she's already asleep. Too bad she didn't hear you out, Hong Kong... ]